Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD


Webinars and resources for people with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Our mission is to empower and support PMDD wonders all over the world.

You don’t need to be alone with PMDD anymore; we believe that our resources, webinars and evidence-based information from people and experts who ‘get it’ is just what you need.

Your journey to PMDD empowerment starts here.


Pre-recorded webinars and live chats from a broad range of PMDD experts, experiences and perspectives.


Resources and tools covering a variety of PMDD related topics and with various accessibility needs considered. 


Read more about PMDD including tips for coping with PMDD, the latest research and others’ experiences.

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD
Clare-Louise Knox


Hello! I’m Clare, a PMDD warrior with a big heart and a big mission to make your PMDD journey a little brighter.

I’m obsessed with hormones, menstrual cycles and mental health and have dedicated my life to learning as much as I can, in order to help you.

I’m a Business Psychologist specialising in women’s health at work and also teach Women’s Mental Health at King’s College London, where I’m also doing a PhD in Perinatal Mental Health.

I live and breathe women’s health and want to use my precious time on this planet to make things a little better for us – especially the 1 in 20 of us affected by PMDD. So, take my hand and come with me to Luna Hub, where a whole new world of PMDD love and support awaits you through our webinars and downloadable resources!