Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD


Luna Hub is a private membership community for people with

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Our mission is to empower and support PMDD wonders all over the world.

You don’t need to be alone with PMDD anymore; we believe that our mighty trio of community, evidence-based information and support from people and experts who ‘get it’ is just what you need.

Your journey to PMDD empowerment starts here.


If you’re living with PMDD, you can join our community – regardless of whether you’re formally diagnosed or self-diagnosed.  

You’ll be joining other members living in the UK, USA, India, Spain, Slovenia, Australia – and more! – so no matter where you live, you’re welcome here. It’s probably useful to know that our member chats are all led by English speakers and we try to cover a range of time zones wherever possible! 

Our members are at different stages of their PMDD journey. Some are newly diagnosed and trying to get to grips with PMDD, while others are in the process of trying different treatment options, such as chemical menopause. Some are following a natural path, while others are exploring pharmaceutical options! There is no right or wrong here at Luna Hub; we’re here to support your journey, whatever that looks like.


Becoming a Luna Hub member offers you the opportunity to access resources and support for PMDD whenever you need them. The platform provides a private, comfortable space, away from judgement or shame, letting you be as honest and open as you need or decide to be, about what you’re going through.



Membership gives you exclusive access to regular interactive webinars and live chats from a broad range of experts, experiences and perspectives.


Make meaningful connections, lifelong friends and share your stories in our private, members-only group.


Get exclusive 24/7 access to a broad range of resources and tools covering a variety of PMDD related topics and with various accessibility needs considered. 

Are you ready to discover a whole new world of PMDD support?


“Luna Hub is different from Facebook groups because there are boundaries. There’s also privacy, access to vetted evidence-based resources (webinars, the books, templates etc), 1-1 coaching, signposting to other credible resources, and generous community. Everything in one ecosystem means I’ve learned more useful info in less time and have used it to help myself sooner.” – Luna Hub Member 

Luna Hub - community, resources and support for PMDD
Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD
Clare-Louise Knox
Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD
Gina Friel
Community Manager


Clare is a business psychologist, travel-holic and PMDD campaigner. Gina is a certified life-coach, dog lover and PMDD & menstrual health advocate. At the heart of it all, we’re just two PMDD warriors who want to make a difference.

For too long we’ve been without the support and resources we desperately need! But, through Luna Hub, we’re changing that.

Luna Hub is a labour of love and has been entirely self-funded by Clare. We are not, nor do we want to be, a profit making machine: we are here to serve the community and keep this all important platform and resources growing.  We have big dreams for the future, all of which will change the landscape of PMDD support, so keep your eyes peeled!

“I really appreciate how much Clare and Gina give of themselves to make others feel included and supported, especially when members like me struggle so much with feeing wanted and anxiety”  – Luna Hub Member