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Functional Nutrition for PMDD with Sally-Anne Kearns

Held on 26th March 2021

Do you want to learn how dietary and lifestyle elements can help support PMDD and overall wellness? Then join me for this webinar with Functional Nutritionist, Founder of Holding Hands Wellness and best-selling international author, Sally-Anne Kearns.

Sally-Anne’s biggest passion is implementing simple solutions for women to ensure we are able to show up and wear the many hats we do in this day and age. Her belief is that when we support the body through the health choices we make, the body begins to heal; something she has experienced with her own health and for so many others.

“When we nurture our connection and values around health, we make better decisions for ourselves, our families, and crowd out the noise of confusion when it comes to our food choices.” – Sally-Ann Kearns

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