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How to get a PMDD diagnosis and what to do if you can’t!

Are you struggling to get a PMDD diagnosis? Have you repeatedly been backwards and forwards to your doctor trying to get the help you need, with no luck? Do you feel like you’re not being taken seriously and aren’t sure what to do about it?

Join me for this webinar where I’ll be exploring these issues and helping you successfully navigate the healthcare system to take control of your own PMDD journey.

We look at how to make the most of your doctor’s appointment to make sure you’re taken seriously and get the support you need. We talk about how you can prepare for your appointment and empower yourself with the right knowledge and information. We cover how to talk to your doctor and communicate what you need with confidence. We explore referrals – who to ask for and when. And we also discuss what you can do if your doctor isn’t taking you seriously or you feel like you’re on the wrong treatment plan.

After the webinar you’ll be armed with the knowledge, resources and confidence to get the treatment and care you deserve to manage your PMDD!

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