Paying it forward

with the Luna Hub Inclusivity Fund

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be part of Luna Hub and are committed to building an inclusive community where everyone is given an equal chance to participate. Through our inclusivity fund, we are breaking down financial barriers for those who may be unable to access support and ensuring no one is excluded from the Luna Hub community, when they need it most.

You can apply for free or subsidised Luna Hub membership through our inclusivity fund at any time by answering a few quick questions:

11 + 11 =

“I am so glad to have found you. I am feeling utterly hopeless with PMDD…I’m sick of losing jobs and not being able to stick things out…. I’m glad I found you!”

“Thank you so much for all this advice!! I really appreciate it. I’ve been back and forth to the Dr for years and all I’ve been given is fluoxetine which just gave me horrible migraines and no real relief! Thank you again, you’re ever so kind and helpful and it means a lot to me.”

“I’m 18 and live in Australia…I recently found you which has been fantastic since I feel so isolated from my friends who don’t understand.”

“Thank you for being there and listening to my concerns and for your advice, it means a lot"

“It’s so amazing coming across this and seeing things I can relate to. Really amazing, so thank you for raising awareness about this!”

“So happy to have found a community that just gets it!”

“Thank you for all that you’re doing, you have massively helped me through it.”