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“Luna Hub has a backbone of an informative library, helpful discussion, and a strong intention of community that immediately flips the script of what a support group can be.” – Luna Hub Member

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£1 per month donated to the Luna Hub Inclusivity Fund (find out more here)

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For anyone on a reduced income, receiving financial support or benefits, in full time education or over the age of 60.

 What do you get when you join Luna Hub?


Full 24/7 access to the Luna Hub support and information network


Ongoing support whenever you need it via email, chat or Zoom


Exclusive access to our friendly and supportive members-only community where you can connect with PMDD warriors from around the world, at different stages on their PMDD journey


Weekly Zoom member chats where you can share your experiences, ask questions and talk to others with PMDD in a safe, accepting and relaxed setting


Unlimited access to live expert webinars (1-2 per month) and our full webinar library covering a range of PMDD topics available to watch on-demand


Unlimited access to our popular webinar series “PMDD Personal Stories” where you can watch interviews from PMDD warriors with a broad range of lived experiences and perspectives


Access to a members-only resource area with new tools and information added regularly


Weekly Luna Hub email with useful and interesting PMDD content and reminders about upcoming events straight to your inbox


Member-only offers and exclusive event discounts


You are in control – no contract or cancellation fees

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

What do Members Say?

“Luna Hub has changed my life! I’ve felt more supported and learnt more about my condition over the past few months than in the 12 years I’d struggled before Luna Hub existed.”

– Luna Hub member since Feb 2021

What’s included in your membership?

Luna Hub membership includes:



Membership gives you exclusive access to regular interactive webinars and live chats from a broad range of experts, experiences and perspectives.

We have worked hard to ensure our resources are accessible and wherever possible, we have considered a range of neurodiversity and accessibility options (of course we always welcome your feedback and ideas on these).



Join our community to find peer support, make meaningful connections and share your stories in our private, members-only group.

Our community is a welcoming and safe space for anyone experiencing PMDD, no matter how you identify, therefore we always welcome information and discussion from our BAME, neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ members.


Exclusive, 24/7 access to a broad range of resources and tools covering a variety of issues and with various accessibility needs considered. These include webinar recordings, personal stories and reflections, tips and guidance, as well as trusted, recommended resources.

Our information and resources will be kept relevant and up to date, following the latest news and developments around PMDD and with new content added regularly.

Pay as you go webinars - £10

If you aren’t ready to be a full member just yet, you can still attend individual Luna Hub webinars for a one-off fee

Access to the webinar recording after the event

The webinar price will be discounted from your first monthly/annual payment if you decide to become a Luna Hub member after the webinar – contact us to claim the offer

Please contact us if you have any questions and we can guide you through the sign-up process.

Gift a membership

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Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

“It’s taken me such a long time to come to terms with living with PMDD. Despite various diagnoses and interventions over the years it just wasn’t something I felt comfortable to pursue as a triggering factor for my mental health. I wish so much that there had been a community like this 10 years ago where I could have shared my concerns and questions and gathered the confidence and information to seek a formal diagnosis and treatment. Like too many reproductive issues it was just something that felt embarrassing or trivial. I am so pleased Luna Hub will be able to offer information and support to women like me, so they won’t ever have to feel so lost and alone.” 

(Victoria, BPD/PMDD survivor, working in community health and wellbeing) 

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

Hi, I’m Clare

Hello! I’m Clare, a PMDD warrior with a big heart and a big mission to make your PMDD journey a little brighter.

I’m obsessed with hormones, menstrual cycles and mental health and have dedicated my life to learning as much as I can, in order to help you.

I’m a Business Psychologist specialising in women’s health at work and also teach Women’s Mental Health at King’s College London, where I’m also doing a PhD in Perinatal Mental Health.

I live and breathe women’s health and want to use my precious time on this planet to make things a little better for us – especially the 1 in 20 of us affected by PMDD. So, take my hand and come with me to Luna Hub, where a whole new world of PMDD love and support awaits you!

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