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PMDD Personal Stories with Gina Friel

Held on 15th Feb 2021

Join me for a live chat with transformational life coach and PMDD warrior, Gina Friel.

Following her PMDD diagnosis in 2019, Gina is an advocate for cycle-based living and is passionate about inclusivity in the menstrual health arena, raising awareness around PMDD and supporting the wider PMDD community. 

“I’m the first one to say that PMDD can be an absolute shit-show, but there is so much to be said for coming together and sharing our experiences and resources to really put ourselves in the best possible position to deal with it.” – Gina Friel.

We’ll take a deep dive into Gina’s PMDD journey and explore things like symptoms, diagnosis, living with PMDD and coping strategies. 

The webinar will no doubt provide comfort, support and validation knowing you’re not alone on your own PMDD journey, whilst at the same time providing you with useful advice from Gina and the shared wisdom of the group. 

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