Group Therapy for PMDD – NEW DATES!


Looking for a therapist who understands PMDD? Look no further! We’ve got you covered!

Early booking is advised to avoid disappointment! 

Over six weeks you’ll process the impact of PMDD in and on your life in a safe and supportive, virtual, environment, facilitated by qualified therapist and PMDD specialist, Emily Holloway!

During your first week Emily will explore your expectations (as an individual and a group!) and together you will build a therapeutic space that meets your needs.

Each following week the content and exercises will be tailored specifically for your group to create a dynamic and person-centred therapeutic space.

We are so passionate about each individual getting what they need, which is why there will be no more than four people in your group. This intimate set-up will allow the space and time for real exploration.

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7.30pm – 8.30pm (UK)

Wed 15th Sep – 20th October FULLY BOOKED 
Thu 30th Sep – 4th November FULLY BOOKED
Wed 3rd Nov – 8th December FULLY BOOKED
Thu 11th Nov – 16th December ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT!

Group Therapy for PMDD is currently only available to non-US residents. We’re working really hard to break through the regulatory red-tape and make this accessible to everyone outside of the UK too! Thank you for your understanding. 


About Emily

“I am a qualified counsellor and therapist with over 10 years of experience and specialise in PMDD. I use a ‘Person-Centred’ approach, which means that I put my clients at the centre of therapy. The sessions focus on what will help clients find their own solutions and better understand themselves. I encourage my clients to tell me what they need, what could go better and, importantly, what isn’t working. Alongside a ‘person-centered’ approach, I use a range of additional therapeutic approaches, while always holding my client’s needs at the centre as I fundamentally believe that the client is the real expert on themselves. I am open and accepting to change; we are in this together.

Finding a space for ourselves, where we put our needs first, can understandably bring up feelings of uncertainty. In my practice I offer a warm, compassionate, and non-judgemental style of counselling; it is important to me that my clients feel safe, valued and understood.”


Emily on PMDD

PMDD is an exhausting and debilitating condition which can completely destroy lives. Among the recommended medical treatments is the suggestion to engage in talking therapies. While therapy doesn’t cure PMDD, having a space to talk through personal experiences and the sometimes-unbearable impact of PMDD can help create clarity and build resilience. Therapy can provide a place to learn how to recognise triggers and understand which feelings are real and which hormonal. Weekly therapy with someone who understands the challenges of PMDD offers a safe reflective space where it is possible to notice and understand the individual impact of menstrual cycles.

PMDD can create dark thoughts and terrifying feelings of rage that can leave women and AFAB feeling afraid of themselves. Having PMDD can mean wanting to leave loved ones, hating life, or crying for days and not understanding why. My practice provides a safe non-judgemental place to talk about these experiences, with someone who is able to recognise the symptoms of PMDD. Together we find a path through what can at times seem impossible.