Understanding and Managing Chronic Pain


17th November 2021

7pm (BST) / 2pm (ET) / 11am (PT)

Anyone who experiences chronic or persistent pain knows that flare up can derail you and knock you off course. We often have to find creative ways to learn to live with our pain, alongside pursuing medical support and treatment.

In this workshop we will explore the impact of living this way, what it means for our nervous system, and for our sense connection to the body. I’ll support you to understand regulation and soothing systems and ways to reduce suffering, and share tools to empower you to live alongside your pain and rebuild a sense of safety in your body. You’ll receive a copy of the slides, as well as guides for the practices we go through in the workshop, so you’ll always have them in your pain management toolkit.

About Kate

I’m Kate, founder of the Balance Blueprint and pain warrior. I’ve lived in chronic pain for 19 years, and my passion is empowering women like me to develop the tools to live wonderful, fulfilling lives with pain.

The programmes that I run are underpinned by a mindfulness-based, cognitive therapy approach and are tailored to different areas of need.

Instagram: @the_balance_blueprint