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Relationships, sex and intimacy with PMDD

Held on 20th May 2021

Jaley Rae (she/her) is a sex educator/ workshop facilitator and instructor therapist in Ottawa, Canada. She is currently a full-time student majoring in Feminist and Gender studies at the University of Ottawa. She volunteers as the VP of Blogging for the uOttawa chapter of Menstruation Redefined and is a part of the Menstruation Redefined Sex Education Research Team. She is a proud ‘plant mom’ who loves to read, travel, hike, spend time with her loved ones and do yoga. She advocates for individuals with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and other period-related disorders by creating content on sexual and mental health for her Instagram page @allthings_pmdd.

Sex, Relationships, and Intimacy with PMDD

Navigating relationships, sex, and intimacy while living with PMDD can be especially difficult. The regular ups and downs of relationships can be enhanced by our PMDD and we may be confused as to how to work through it. This workshop will help you learn how to break down communication, how to communicate through anger/rage, depression, irritability, and how to get comfortable talking about sex and symptoms. We will talk about how to maintain intimacy despite our challenging symptoms and how intimacy can change throughout our symptoms. By exploring what it means to have accessible sex and what sex can look like for someone living with a chronic disorder, we will break down barriers and discover how to redefine sex on your own terms. This workshop aims to give you the tools to boost your libido and cultivate the intimate connections you desire and deserve.

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