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Shit my doctor says with women’s health journalist Sarah Graham

Held on 4th May 2021

“Don’t go killing anyone!”, “have you tried meditation or being more positive?” and “go and read about PMS on the internet” are just some of the things doctors have said about PMDD.

In this eye-opening session, we’ll be talking to award-winning health journalist, Sarah Graham, and lifting the lid on “Shit my doctor says” about PMDD.

Sarah is an award-winning freelance health journalist, and founder of the feminist women’s health blog Hysterical Women. She specialises in mental health, women’s sexual and reproductive health, gender and feminism.

Sarah has been published by Stylist, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, VICE, BBC Three, Planet Mindful, In The Moment, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Independent. She’s also worked as a content editor for Google Arts & Culture, on projects in collaboration with The Mayor of London, The Prince of Wales, and more!

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