Meet The Team

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

Clare Knox, Founder of Luna Hub

Hello! I’m Clare, a PMDD warrior with a big heart and a big mission to make your PMDD journey a little brighter.

I’m obsessed with hormones, menstrual cycles and mental health and have dedicated my life to learning as much as I can, in order to help you.

I’m a Business Psychologist specialising in women’s health at work and also teach Women’s Mental Health at King’s College London, where I’m also doing a PhD in Perinatal Mental Health.

I live and breathe women’s health and want to use my precious time on this planet to make things a little better for us – especially the 1 in 20 of us affected by PMDD. So, take my hand and come with me to Luna Hub, where a whole new world of PMDD love and support awaits you!

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

Jo, Director of Support

Jo is a committed advocate and passionate about supporting people with PMDD. Diagnosed with PMDD at 42, they bring a lifetime of experience to their studies and practise. They celebrate community and all the wonderful ways we support each other. Jo is a qualified peer support provider who is dedicated to ideas of allyship and inclusion whilst participating in creating meaningful change.

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

Gina Friel, Community Manager

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Hi, I’m Gina, a PMDD warrior and transformational life coach at

I’m an advocate for cycle-based living and am passionate about inclusivity in the menstrual health arena, raising awareness around PMDD and supporting the wider PMDD community.

I’m the first one to say that PMDD can be an absolute shit-show, but there is so much to be said for coming together and sharing our experiences and resources to really put ourselves in the best possible position to deal with it.

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

Dr Thomas Reilly, Clinical Advisory Board

Hello, I’m Thomas! I’m a BRC Preparatory Clinical Research Training Fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (King’s College London). My research involves using smartphone apps to investigate the role of the menstrual cycle in women with psychosis. I also work as a Specialist Registrar in General Adult Psychiatry. During my training in psychiatry at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, I became interested in the role hormones play in mental health, particularly in psychotic disorders. I have spent time at the National Female Hormone Clinic, a specialist service based at the Maudsley Hospital. It’s great to be part of the Clinical Advisory Board at Luna Hub, where I offer guidance and advice to ensure members are provided with trusted information and support.

Luna Hub - Support for anyone living with PMDD

Amber Powers, Tech Support

Hello, I’m Amber, a lover of all things tech, design and creativity! I help with things behind the scenes at Luna Hub, keeping the website running smoothly and wrangling any tech gremlins.

I’m the founder of, and created the Luna Hub website and members hub.

I’m honoured to be part of such a powerful project alongside these two amazing women and love seeing how Luna Hub is going from strength to strength, providing such amazing support and community for those with PMDD.

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