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Understanding PMDD and Employment Law with Carrie-Ann Randall

Held on 30th April 2021

Join us for this informative session with our favourite employment lawyer and women’s health advocate, Carrie-Ann Randall! Carrie-Ann is an experienced employment lawyer who has been practicing employment law for over 8 years. Recently, Carrie-Ann has worked on several PMDD cases, helping women who’ve been treated unfairly (that’s putting it mildly!) at work, or who’ve been fired as a result of PMDD.
As a sufferer of Endometriosis, Carrie-Ann sees the daily impact for so many of her female clients, who need support for their condition following poor treatment and understanding in the workplace. In this session, Carrie-Ann will help us to understand our rights when it comes to PMDD and work – is it a disability? What support can we get? What can we do if we’re treated unfairly or lose our job because of PMDD?

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