Melissa Sue Vair Ogden - What is yoga for PMDD, anyway?

What is yoga for PMDD, anyway?

Held on 22nd June 2021

What is yoga for PMDD, anyway? Isn’t yoga just, like, complicated stretching? How the heck is yoga going to help with my PMDD?!

If you’ve had these questions, we have your answers! Join Melissa Sue Vair Ogden, professional yoga therapist and creator of Yoga for PMDD to talk about all things, you guessed it… YOGA for PMDD!

We’ll discuss the difference between yoga and therapeutic yoga, how therapeutic yoga can help with your worse PMDD symptoms, and how to build a self-care ritual in your life using yoga to help manage your wellbeing throughout your cycle!

Melissa Sue Vair Odgen (she/her) is a 600-hour Professional Yoga Therapist specializing in therapeutic yoga for people with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

You can find Melissa over on Instagram or Facebook @yogaforpmdd, or you can practice yoga with her on Patreon.

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